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Custom Crafted Plushies by Notoes

       Pricing and Specifications



 * I have three sizes I make, the “Tiny” size stands at 12 inches tall, the “Mini” stands at 6 inches tall, and the Little stands at 18 inches tall. I normally do the Tiny size so if you want the Mini or the Little, you must specify that before I start.

 * All plushies will have synthetic hair and felt clothing. (other fabrics ARE available upon request)

* All plushies come with fingers and toes.

* Plushies start at $25 (base) each for Tiny and Mini, and Little starts at $50 (base). If I have to special order something then I will let you know before I take the commission. Shipping is not included in the base price. Both Tiny and Mini sizes cost the same since even though the Mini is half the size of the Tiny, it is twice the amount of work to make. And the Little takes twice the amount of materials so it is twice the base price.

* The base price covers synthetic hair and one set of clothing (shirt, pants and shoes – girls have a choice of shirt and pants or dress/skirt with top). Anything beyond that is listed under Extra Charges.

* It takes me from one to three weeks per plushie “set” as I make each by hand. I only take up to five plushie commissions at one time, I have done more than that at one time before and will not do that again. This is JUST an estimate, a more complex design/fabrics will take longer and a more simple design/fabrics will take less time. I also might have other time constraints that might make the commission take longer, if I know of these beforehand then I will let you know when I take the commission. 

* As I complete each stage, I will keep you updated with pictures. These are just quick pictures so the lighting will not be perfect and you will have to ignore the background. I consider stages things such as when the plushie is sewn and stuffed, when it gets clothes, etc.

 * I do not consider weapons to be accessories and will not be making them, I do reserve the right to change my mind about that if they are an important part of the clothing so ask first and I may include it.

 * If the character needs specially designed clothes and I need to make patterns that will add to the time taken.

 * Also “accessories” and jewelry (see below) such as the pocket watch Rosette from Chrno Crusade wears adds to the time it takes me to make it.

* OCs have a special “copyright to” on the left butt cheek at no extra charge but I require $10 of the base price up front because I can not and will not sell them to anyone other than the creator.

* I also do characters from fanfics and these are treated just like OCs – with $10 due up front and I only make them for the author of the fiction. Now there are two exceptions to that: 1) if you want to give the author a plushie of their character as a gift then I will craft the plushie. 2) if you contact the author and have received permission to have a plushie of a character from their fiction then I will craft it but you must have the author contact me to give me the permission directly. These plushies also have the option of a free speciality butt stamp with the fic’s name and author’s name on it.

  *If you wish to give a plushie as a gift let me know. Gift plushies get a free message card to carry any special message you wish to give the new owner. It’s only the size of a business card so the message needs to be a little short.

 * I do offer a special “Property Of” on the left butt cheek but that is extra

 * I prefer payment through Paypal but if you don’t have that other arrangements can be made but I will have to wait for payment to clear before shipping the plushie. Payment is not due until after I complete the plushie.

  ALSO if I complete a plushie and tell you it is ready to go once you send your payment but do not hear back from you within six months you lose all rights to that commission. Meaning if you commission a plushie and then drop off the face of the internet (specificly meaning I have absolutely no emails or contact from you), I will hold the plushie for six months before selling it otherwise. Regular anime/game characters will be sold to the first buyer who asks and OC/fiction based plushies will be dismantled and you will lose the $10 deposit (if a deposit was made). BUT if you let me know something has happened then that is “making other payment arrangements” and I will hold the plushie with no problem. The six month rule is where I don’t hear from you at all - no email and no comments here (or Etsy or DA). Meaning if you can’t get to the email to email me but leave me a message here, through DA or through Etsy, you are fine. Or if you can’t get to the internet at all and ask a friend to contact me, I will hold the plushie because that DOES count as letting me know.


I will make any character with just a couple exceptions:

 * characters that already have an official plushie – exceptions to that is if the plushie is from an AU fanfiction i.e.  Inuyasha, Kagome, etc, from “Temple of the Dog” written by Urd-chan.  Or if you want to leave off or add something to them., i.e Miroku’s official plushie does not have his beads, Hanyou and Human Inuyasha do not have fundoshi. Or if you wish to change their outfit like Puppy Paw Print Kagome.

 * any character that I do not like, there aren’t many of these so most likely this won’t come up but ask about a character first.

* I also do “adult” plushies but I require proof of age, so if you are not 18 or over don’t ask for it.

 I will even do real people, tv characters, OC characters and characters from anime series or games that I am not familiar with but I will need a full description and pictures for reference.

   For “Real People” plushies, I can now take a picture of the person’s face and use it as the plushie’s face. This is only for regular people – no famous people. Meaning if you commission a plushie of your child, parent, other family member, or friend and wish to use a real picture that is allowed. But if you commission a plushie of Gackt or Brad Pitt you can not use a real picture of their faces. This is not a speciality item so no Extra Charges will apply to it.

 I do reserve the right to turn down a commission due to time constraints. I will not take on more plushies than I can handle in a reasonable time frame, I don’t feel right in making someone wait an unreasonable amount of time for a plushie so if I can not take one I will say so in the beginning.

 If I do, I will at the very least let you know when I will be able to take the commission and ask that you contact me again around that time.


Extra Charges

 All Extra Charges for Tiny and Mini size are $1 each and all Extra Charges for Little size are $2 each due to their larger size. Except for an OC charge – if I am doing an Original Character $10 of the base charge is due up front before I start the plushie.

Hair: anything that is complicated or that I don’t keep a stock of the color. Full details on the Hair page.

Clothes: extra clothes beyond pants, shirt, and shoes. A dress and shoes for a girl is considered the normal one set of clothes. Extra layers of clothing is extra. Full details on the Extra Clothing page.

Jewelry or accessories: anything extra that I have to make or buy. Full details on the Accessories page.


Adult minded: picture proof of age will be required.



* Shipping for 1 or 2 plushies is $5.19 and $5.58 for 4, if you commission more than two I will have to calculate the cost before taking the commission. And this is for U.S. shipping only, international shipping is available upon request. This is subject to CHANGE IF THE POST OFFICE changes its rates.

* I ship using the 2-3 day Priority Mail. If shipping outside of the US then I will have to go with something else and calculate the shipping to give the commissioner the best rate. Also I only charge exactly what the US Postal Service charges so if postal rates go up then so will the shipping. So if the shipping is more than the above two rates due to a postal rate hike or due to the area the plushies are being shipped to, then I will let you know and have to ask for the extra cost. Usually if I know the state the commission is going to beforehand then I can calculate this before payment is due.







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