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Plushie designs are listed by the year the design was first crafted. A listing of the what designs are in each year is below the folder icons. Any plushies in stock and ready to be shipped are marked in red.

Plushies stand at 12 inches tall unless otherwise noted. All are wearing removable clothing and the pictures lose a little of their detailing by being smaller but I wanted to make this page easier to load. So links to the larger, more detailed pictures are on the individual pages. Also I do custom details so be sure to check out my Accessories page for special plushie detailing. I am always willing to add to that page so if you don’t see something you would like please ask.

2014 folder

Skip Beat: Kyoko, Ren
Kaze Hikaru: Sei, Soji
Kamisama Kiss: Nanami, Tomoe
Say I love you: Mei, Yamato
Akatsuki no Yona: Princess Yona, Hak

2013 folder

2012 folder

Real Person: Ashley;
Full Metal Panic: Beach Kaname, Army Sosuke;

Howl’s Moving Castle: Blond Howl;
Bleach: leopard print Byakuya

2014 folder

Inu Yasha: Mini Sesshoumaru, Mini Kagome;
Trigun: Meryl;
OC: Kyoko Tohmiko;
Real Person: Renee Mommy doll;
Gallerians: Rion;
Persona 3: Junpei

2010 folder

Inu Yasha: the Neighbor Inu Yasha ,New York Yankee Inu Yasha, Kismet Sango, Claiming Kin Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru, Saints Kouga, Naraku;
Dr Who: 10th Doctor and Donna;
Real Person: Kill Audio Claudio, Puck;
OC: Karo;
DN.Angel: Riku;
Nabri no Ou: Yoite

2009 folder

Inu Yasha: Child Rin, The Infantry Man Inu Yasha, Hojo, Eternal Love Kagome and pup, LLW Inu and Kagome, Monk Renkostu, Cheating Kagome, Fallen Inu, Hikari Inu, Edge of Seventeen Inu and Kagome, OYKB Inu and Kagome, Captain’s Prize Kagome and Inu, Suikostu, Renkostu
Bleach: Ulquiorra, Orihime;
OC: Tsuki;
Fushigi Yuugi: Tasuki, Kouji;
Naruto: Pein;
Gravitation : Hiro,

Ouran Host Club: Honey ($25), Haruhi ($25), Tamaki ($25);
Chrno Crusade: Chrno Truth ($26);
Real Person: Kirby Morrow ($27), LM.C (Maya $26, Aiji $26 ), Adam (see page), Hyde ($27), Chibi Listy (see page);
OC: Ina, Alex , Drake, Counterstrike, Masa;
Inu Yasha: Miroku ($27), Inu no Tashio ($26), Sesshoumaru ($26), Adult Rin ($25), Izayoi (Inu-mom $25), Sess-mom ($26), Kashini-Ai, Sakura-Misaki, Yukio-Taro, Miroku and Sango Grope Slap set ($554), Mini Inu Yasha and Mini Kagome kissing set($52), Kouga ($26), Shippou ($26), MPR Inu Yasha;
DN Angel: Dark Mousey ($25),
Howl’s Moving Castle: Howl (black haired -$26)) Sophie ($25);
Witch Hunter Robin: Robin ($25), Amon ($26);
Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa: Sakura ($26), Li ($25), Fai ($25);
Mythical Detective Loki: Loki ($25), Mayura ($25);
Bleach: Rukia ($25), Ichigo ($25); Trinity Blood: Esther ($25), Krusnik Able ($27);
Full Metal Alchemist: Ed ($27), Winry ($25);
Gravitation: Shuichi ($25), Ryuki ($25);
Story of Saiokoku: Shurei ($27), Ryuichi ($27);
Biker Mice: Throttle ($28), Vinnie ($27), Modo ($27)

Chrno Crusade: Tiny Rosette ($26) and Tiny Chrno ($27);
Inu Yasha: ToTD Kagome ($25). ToTD Kagura ($26), ToTD Inu Yasha ($26), ToTD Sesshoumaru ($25), Jakostu ($25), Bankostu ($26);
Fushigi Yuugi: Nuriko ($25);
OC: Kazehiko, Aralin (see page); Real Person: Scott McNeil ($27);
OC: Kyoshi, Masa (see page)


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