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Currently In Stock plushies will be put on sale on Etsy.com
 I can craft Anime, Game, OCs, or Real People into plushies of your specifications.
Plushies stand at 12 inches tall with  synthetic hair and felt clothing. All previously crafted plushies are on display under Plushie Designs so feel free to browse through what I have done before or email me to ask about a character/person you would like to commission.

 For Real People plushies, I can now take a picture of the person’s face and use it as the plushie’s face. This is only for regular people – no famous people. Full and extensive details are on my Pricing and Specs page.

 Due to several requests, I have also added a new size – “Little”. This size stands at 18 inches tall and if you want this you must specify this when I take the commission.

I also do characters from fanfics and these are treated just like OCs and I only make them for the author of the fiction unless you are giving the plushie as a gift to the author.






InuGrrrl’s Absolution

Wolf-Apparition’s Custom Made MLPs

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