I have found that I am making more custom details so this is where they will be shown . They do carry a $1 Extra Charge because they are a speciality item. 

Also if you want a item that is not listed here, please ask for it – I am willing to add more accessories to this list.

 Baseball cap (team logos are optional and do not cost extra)

 Baseball jacket (team logos are optional and do not cost extra)

Cowboy hat


Elf hat, Santa hat, Reindeer antlers




USMC digital desert camo (hat is optional but does not cost extra)

Shirt ties


Dog tags



Heeled shoes

Glasses (new styles to be added)


Foam heart

Jewelry or accessories: anything extra that I have to make or buy

Jewelry - defined

Miroku’s earrings, Scott’s earrings, Inuyasha’s necklace, Kagura’s bead earrings.

Accessories needing to be made - defined

Rosette’s pocket watch

the fangs on Inuyasha’s necklace

Orihime’s hair clips

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